Friday, September 3, 2010

Book Review: My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions

Well, here's my review like I almost promised.

I have to say, I really liked this book. For one, it's set at college, which is now my station in life, so it's a bit easier to relate to the main character. The only problem is that to me, her meeting of the Really Hot Guy seems improbable. But I might be biased because it didn't happen to me. :D To sum up the story, this book is about a girl who's just starting college. She describes herself as something less than pretty, and can't believe she's at all attractive, partially because of things that happened in high school. So, first day in and she's guy-watching in class. Let's be honest, we all do it, and we all know that feeling of "no, he wouldn't go for me" that sinks in when you see a Really Hot Guy, especially when he's surrounded by Pretty Popular Girls. Yikes, right? Well, this Really Hot Guy seems to take a liking to her, and that's where the story gets interesting and yet annoying at the same time. I couldn't help but root for her while I was calling her an idiot for her low self-esteem. So, the character wasn't great all the time, but over the course of the book I got to see why she was the way she was, and to appreciate the changes that were occurring: she grew in confidence, for the most part, and found things she liked to do, people who cared and were good friends, and she got the chance to make things right. That is why I would recommend this book to any and all romance lovers, particularly the ones that realize that they, too, have Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions. Because, let's be honest, life is so much more fun that way!

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