Monday, July 6, 2009

Can the world stop turning?

I ask because summer is just going way too fast. I mean, seriously, it's already July! I went to Girl's Camp, had a blast, had fun with my cousin Camilla, rode in the Aberdeen Daze parade, bought an awesome shirt and a dress at the Villager, started my online classes, tutor someone and get paid, and now my first speech is this week and I'm going to Minnesota to see those cousins and other extended family members. It's crazy! Though I'm really excited to go. We're going to the Mall of America, which means shopping! I have $50 to spend, and I'm probably going to spend it all. I know, who'd have thought I could be such a girl? Did you know I even have real makeup that I could wear anywhere instead of just stage makeup? Yeah, exactly. Sometimes I'm not quite sure I know myself anymore, and others it feels like I'm just starting to find out. I know that it's just typical teenage stuff, but it's different when it's you. Everything's different. I've also come to realize why I haven't said anything to the guy I like. It's not the right time. I don't need to date, not really. Sure, sometimes I wish there was some guy I could run to and he'd make everything better, but I can take anything because I have my friends and family. I don't need a boyfriend. And having one would probably be a bad idea. *shrug* I'll just figure it out as I go.

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