Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Okay, so I just got back from HOBY Idaho Sunday night. I was there as a Junior Staffer, becasue I was an Ambassador last year. I just--Whenever I go to HOBY I remember what I want out of life. I always learn something new (or I have so far, and I plan to go back for as long as possible), and each time it changes my life a little more. Even just looking at the differences in my group of Ambassadors and this year's is AMAZING. My year was really serious and we talked about all kinds of serious stuff, including personal stuff that really had notyhing to do with HOBY or what we were learning, but helped us understand each other and become a very close-knit group. This year was still pretty close, but they joked alot more and it was a lot easier for me to have the amount of energy it took to be a leader for them.

And I think that's what made this year so special. I was the only one from my group, including my senior staffer, that had ever been to HOBY before, and so I had to lead them and kind of show them what they were supposed to do. They taught me so much, all of them. I can only hope that I taught them a fraction of how much they taught me.

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