Sunday, March 21, 2010


Now that I've finally decided on a college to attend this fall, it's time to start thinking about other things. Like a job, a car, a driver's license, how I'm going to get all my stuff there, and how I'm going to pay for classes. Scholarships are a must, but those have to be earned. Thankfully, I've already got housing figured out. I'm in the dorms, but I have my own room; I just share the kitchen, bathroom, and living room with the others. I was so glad I got into that dorm. I guess I'm just a little scared, but that's normal, right? I really hope so, because if not... Well, we can leave that description up to your imagination.

I'm really hoping I'll like college. Maybe more than high school, because as much as I love how much time my friends and I spend talking about the most random stuff, there are still things I would LOVE to change. Social hierarchy for one. It's sad that even though out of school you can talk to someone like they're a real person, in school they barely even notice you're there. Or sometimes it's the other way around. At school you talk like you actually care and then they totally ignore you anywhere else. That's one thing I'll be glad to see gone. I guess... I've been feeling stifled off and on all year. I'm so used to constantly doing something that I don't take downtime well for very long. Two days seems about my max, then I get restless. And when I get restless, I don't always act smart. No worries, there's no way I could do anything to get me in jail. That I know of.

Like this last week. One day my computer's just fine and dandy, and then the next it's attacked on all sides by viruses! What's up with that? To make it worse, when I tried to get a new antivirus the old one (that has never worked on my computer) refused to get off my computer. So I'm stuck with an antivirus that doesn't work, unable to get a new one, while my computer is taken over by whoever gave me the stupid Trojan. Could it get any better? Yeah. Then my computer starts popping up messages informing me it's under attack. Yeah. Big news. (Can you see the sarcasm dripping down the screen?) It took my brother over four hours to fix it. I love him. Then again, now it won't connect to the wireless network, so I can't use my newly fixed computer anyway. Sometimes I hate my life (enter goth cheerleader with a black uniform and matching pom-poms.) ((Side note: I just realized I should find a way to make a smiley of that.))

So yes, life was kind to me for about...six days, and then it dumped me into the sewer. Geez, and I though the gutter was bad. I can't wait to see what else happens...

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